Nobody can reinvent the biscuit. Instead, we break new ground. To make a sustainable impact on today’s markets you need innovative products.
Which is why we stand for:

  • products that fulfil evolving consumer needs and demands in different markets
  • innovative product functions and varieties
  • pioneering product ranges
  • intelligent, customised packaging solutions

These are our core tasks in mature, saturated markets, and to achieve them we harness expertise, traditional values and the very latest, most advanced processes.

Close cooperation and the mutual will to shape the future with our partners result in maximum creative power. Top standards in production and process technology and comprehensive category management are the foundation of our success. Together with our trade partners we design and develop effective and innovative concepts which stand out on account of their ability to react swiftly and offer cost-effective solutions.

Innovative and cooperative, intelligent and cost-effective – join us in shaping the future for the retail sector.